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Can I File a Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit in Ohio?

Are you an Ohio employee who feels like you’ve been paid unfairly when it comes to your wages and hours? Few Ohio citizens know that employers who refuse to pay their employees for the time they work, or do not pay them the right amount for the hours they’ve worked, are violating the law.

The Fair Labor Standards Act governs how, when, and in what capacity businesses should pay their employees and workers not paid fairly are entitled to the money they’ve rightfully earned. Many workers in the state choose to file an Ohio wage and hour class action lawsuit in these cases. Employees in the state have been able to recover money they’ve lost from these acts through Ohio wage and hour class action lawsuit settlements.

Current Wage and Hour Laws in Ohio

Under the FLSA, employers in Ohio are held to certain standards when it comes to when and how much they pay their employees. These include:

  • Minimum wage – Employers must pay their non-exempt employees the state minimum wage for every hour worked
  • Overtime pay – Workers must be paid their hourly wage plus half for every hour worked over 40
  • Tip sharing – Employers must follow restriction when deciding to pool tips at a tipping establishment
  • Withholding wages – All wages withheld from an employee’s paycheck must comply with set provisions

While there are many reasons an employer might face Ohio wage and hour class action lawsuits, common complaints center around failure to pay overtime wages, failure to pay the minimum wage, and improperly withholding wages.

Can I File a Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit in Ohio?

If you’re in Ohio and you want to file a wage and hour class action lawsuit, there are several steps you’ll have to take before the case goes to court. Class action lawyers will often support the plaintiff through the lawsuit process. The steps for filing these lawsuits in Ohio are as follows:

Submit a complaint – To start an Ohio wage and hour class action lawsuit, you must first submit a complaint to a judge. This will outline what part of FLSA laws the defendant violated in your case and what damage it has caused.

Identify a class – For the lawsuit to be considered class action, you must prove that the damage caused to you was also felt by a group of people in the same situation working for the same defendant. When you file the lawsuit, you may have to identify members you want to be part of the class action.

Get approval from a judge – After submitting your complaint and identifying the class, the lawsuit will go to a judge who will either approve or deny to move the class action along in the legal process.

What Happens When the Case is Won?

If you file a wage and hour class action lawsuit in Ohio and the defendant is found guilty of your claims, you will be able to recover all back wages plus damages from the employer. Ohio wage and hour class action lawsuit settlements can reach into the millions depending on how many people have been affected and the amount of time the damages occurred. If you win a class action case, you can expect a cut of the settlement with the amount being determined by the court.

How a Lawyer can Help with an Ohio Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit

If you’re considering filing in hopes of recovering wages through am Ohio wage and hour class action lawsuit settlement, a trained lawyer can help guide you through the process. These experts have knowledge of wage and hour laws and the ways employers can try to skate around paying their employees. Contact a member of our team to get started with the filing process today.

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