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Getting a Second Opinion on Your Divorce Case

Everybody likely has an opinion about your divorce, but not all opinions are created equal. While much of the advice you receive about your divorce from friends and family is well intentioned, it might not be the information you need. It’s essential to receive accurate legal advice from a qualified divorce lawyer in Columbus, Ohio in order to make informed decisions about your divorce. However, not all family lawyers are created equal, either.

During your divorce proceeding, you may become frustrated with the approach your attorney is taking or lose faith in your attorney’s ability to handle matters appropriately. If this happens, you may decide to seek a second opinion from a different divorce lawyer. Perhaps you have a desire to ensure that your lawyer is doing everything possible. You may also want to consult with another attorney if you are confused, concerned, anxious, or unhappy about the way your case is progressing.

Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion on Your Divorce Case in Ohio

If you had a serious illness, you wouldn’t hesitate to get a second opinion about your medical condition. The same should hold true for divorce. An independent second opinion can be useful in helping you determine whether your feelings are legitimate and if your case is headed in the right direction.

For many people who are thinking about seeking a second opinion on their divorce, it is their first time getting a divorce, so they aren’t sure if their case is proceeding as well as it should. They might feel like their case has been dragging out forever or that their attorney hasn’t kept the lines of communication open. A divorce attorney’s substandard performance can cost you dearly, especially if there is significant marital property involved. What’s more, divorce greatly impacts the lives of your loved ones, and the last thing you’d want is to take risks that could adversely affect their future. If you do not feel fully confident that your attorney is giving you the right advice or you are dissatisfied with your lawyer’s work, you should definitely get a second opinion regarding your divorce case. It’s essential to find a qualified and experienced divorce attorney to provide you with reliable legal counsel.

If you’re looking for a second opinion on your case from a seasoned divorce lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, get in touch with Edward F. Whipps & Associates. We would be happy to review your case. After a thorough evaluation of your situation, we will give you our opinion as to whether your current attorney is adequately representing your interests. From there, you can decide if you want to look elsewhere for legal assistance.

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